Wonders of Consuming Dates

Wonders of Consuming Dates

By Apeksha Thakkar  on: 25 May 2017
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Date Palms are the oldest cultivated trees majorly grown in the northern parts of Africa for over 10000 years.Based on the moisture content they hold, are sorted into three categories: Soft,semisoft and Dry.

Below are some Wonders of incorporating Dates in the Regular Diet:

Prevents the risk of developing Heart Ailments:Dates contain high levels of important mineral,Potassium ,which helps in maintaining electrolyte balance and helps in even contractions of heart muscles and nerve impulses.

Cancer Prevention: Polyphenols,Vitamin B6(Pyridoxine) along with Fiber present in Dates are known to provide protection against oxidation process of the healthy cells,hence reducing the impact of carcinogens(cancer producing cells.)

Helps in Maintaining Ideal blood pressure:- Dates are known to have fair amounts of calcium,zinc and manganesium ,which along with potassium help in striking normal blood pressure.It is considered beneficial to hypertensive patients.

The above benefits offered by Date palms makes them an ideal option for those who love to binge on sweets regularly, however they should be taken in supervision by a dietitian or nutrition expert ,as they are relatively high in sugar as well.Diabetics should consume them only, after the recommendation from a Diet expert.


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